RBD for Al wire

Vedio Introduction

Mainly used for wire drawing of the following wires:

Melting aluminum wire ingots and round aluminum ingots, low oxygen Al Rod by CCR line

Rolled aluminum rods and aluminum busbars, etc.

Extruded cable aluminum rod

Conductive cores, trolley lines (contact lines), busbars, etc. for overhead power lines

Conductive core for overhead power lines and insulated wire and cable.

Our wire drawing machine for AlAl Alloy used in the market as:

the United States, Malaysia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and India.

Vedio Parameter

High-speed, high-efficiency Al wire drawing equipment and stranding equipment

> RBD for Al wire (Double motor transmission)

> RBD for Al wire (Multi motor transmission)

>Multiwire Drawing Lines (16wires8wires)

>Fine and Intermediate Wire Drawing Line

>High Speed Double Twist buncher(630mm800mm1000mm1250mm1600mm)

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